The Pulse of Unity

Join us in a groundbreaking initiative: a collective release by psytrance labels worldwide to raise funds and unify our scene.

Pulse of Unity's aim is to unite the psychedelic music scene through charitable causes by releasing the world's biggest psychedelic album, with one track representing each label and 100% of the income donated to charities that will help the next generation.

This collaborative effort is more than music—it's a movement towards a future where our shared values resonate in every beat. Be a part of shaping this positive future with us.

A Symphony of Change

A Unified Release: In a historic first, we're rallying psytrance labels worldwide to contribute a track that echoes our shared mission. This collective effort begins a global symphony of solidarity and change.

A Cause Worth Playing For: The essence of our endeavour is to make a tangible impact. Every label participating is encouraged to nominate a cause and charity that mirrors our collective ethos. Through a democratic process, we will select a charity that aligns with our vision, ensuring that our efforts contribute to a cause that matters deeply to us all.

A Symphony of Support: With a submission deadline of September 1st, our collaborative release will herald the winter solstice—a powerful symbol of renewal and unity. This strategic timing pays homage to our roots and signals the dawn of a new era for our community.

Beyond the Music: A Foundation for Our Future

The Pulse of Unity Foundation project will emerge with this historic release, marking the genesis of a non-profit entity devoted to our community’s enduring empowerment and support. This foundation represents more than an aspiration; it is a commitment to transform the psytrance scene into a beacon of positive change, advocating for sustainability and support in every beat.

Bom Shanka Music has evolved beyond a label into a sanctuary for those who find solace in the rhythm of life. We have been privileged to witness our community’s incredible unity and potential. The Pulse of Unity is your invitation to intertwine hands, hearts, and beats in a movement that will echo across generations, embodying the principles we hold dear.

This moment beckons us to dance to a future where our community actively sculpts our reality with love, unity, and action. The Pulse of Unity transcends being merely a project—it is our legacy, a collective vow to each other and the world.
Bom Shanka Music's psychedelic mission is to bring you the cream of underground psy-trance designed to make you move. Always at the cutting edge since their very inception, Bom Shanka Music continues to deliver.