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Diesel Power

Bom Shanka Music is proud to present a new debut EP! This time from the deep mind of SATYA. If you like gnarly nighttime trance then this is for you. Sarschas has been part of the Bom Shanka family since the early days, he compiled our 5th release 'The Reaction' almost exactly 10 years ago, before he had started down the road of producing his own music. Since then he's worked methodically and carefully toward making high quality and banging PsyTrance, as you can hear.. it's big, it's solid, it's diesel powered.

Diesel Power
Cocaine Cowboys

Every Last Drop

Bom Shanka Music are super stoked to announce the release of the most oversize compilation ever made!
We asked all the artists on the label to squeeze every last drop of inspiration, distilled and bottled into one highly psychoactive unit - 19 massive tracks from label stalwarts to fresh hot talent.
This compilation has fermented into a giant psychedelic fondue of high grade, futuristic dance music - better than ever.
Bom Shanka provides you with the tools to navigate through dimensions, one drop at a time.

Pedition of Dreams


Satya is the psy trance project of Sarschas, a truly elusive character that can often been seen late at night in the southern cities of Brazil. A powerful DJ with a relaxed swagger, Sasha has made a seamless transition from the decks to the studio. making a hybrid version of psy trance, forged in Brazil but deeply influenced by the London squat scene, his music carries more than meets the ear. With a deep love of the psychedelic and the twisted, Satya is a perfect fit for Bom Shanka, his home label.

Decade of Decadence

It's been 10 long hard years since the first gig by Psymmetrix, in that time we've had in our lives 3 full Psymmetrix albums and an EP, a birth and a marriage, we created a label that has now released 17 CD's and its artists have played at every major and most minor psy-trance festivals on the planet. And after our last album we thought 'what can we do differently? - how can we innovate on what we had already done?' and we think that the most obvious answer must be..... get somebody else to make the album. So that's what we did!

Split the Difference (Satya remix)


High grade futuristic psychedelic dance music.