bom shanka music

Every Last Drop

Bom Shanka Music are super stoked to announce the release of the most oversize compilation ever made!
We asked all the artists on the label to squeeze every last drop of inspiration, distilled and bottled into one highly psychoactive unit - 19 massive tracks from label stalwarts to fresh hot talent.
This compilation has fermented into a giant psychedelic fondue of high grade, futuristic dance music - better than ever.
Bom Shanka provides you with the tools to navigate through dimensions, one drop at a time.


Forged in the fires of a freak accident at a haggis factory in Scotland, Ali is half man, half steak, and half synthesiser.

Introduced to trance when he found a haunted tape deck with a Goa Gil mixtape stuck inside, Ali has earned his chunky stripes ever since shredding dancefloors all over including Hilltop in Goa and the beast that is Momento:Demento festival.

Fat doses of humour and attitude both in Ali's character and music make BSM a perfect platform for QUADRANT music.

Keep your ears peeled, your noses open and expect some absolute fatness from this project!

The legend of Pete Sweenis