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Bom Shanka

Bom Shanka Music can not believe we made it to 10 years old, we've released over 200 high quality psychedelic trance tracks and now we have 12 more. We asked for a special track from each of our artists and now after months and months of trying to think of a name for the compilation we are ready. 12 tracks dedicated to the advancement of psychedelic dancing. 12 tracks to rule them all, made in the forges of Moria across the world. Mastered by Lord Cass of Wired masters on Christmas eve. We like, do you?
Colour Care


After the amazing success of his first EP on Bom Shanka Music, 'Scotty' Parasect is back with a 3 track EP of original brand new tracks, two are solos and one is with Italian superstar and acid hater 'Dust'.
 Unique is an overused adjective, especially in psy-trance blurbs, but if anyone can claim this title surely Parasect can, with his honest and individual style that is loved by dance floors and producers alike it was the mastering engineer that gave us the best quote without realising it!!
Shanti Chianti


Introducing the début EP from our latest signing 'Parasect' and boy are you are in for a treat with this one.... fully original psychedelic trance that really does sound like no one else, tell us who else really does that? 4 great tracks that sing with innovation and are full of creativity that showcase the world of Parasect.

Lime Twist
Future Samba
Coral Red