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Kryptone was never born… his IKEA flat-pack fell off the back of a tractor and was discovered by the members of ABBA in an abandoned ice-hockey rink. The band adopted him and raised him as the 5th member, until they realised he was stealing all their drugs at which point (circa 1985) they sold him to George Michael, who had more than enough drugs to go around. Then, in 1987 after losing Faith in George’s musical direction, he took a vow of silence and hitch-hiked his way back to Sweden.

Lost But Not Forgotten

After an alien attack at Heavy Heartz studios, unfortunately all files from our knob tweaking super zero Kryptone, with the ability to freeze frozen stuff, were lost. So instead of hiring Don Jonson and old lab mate Dolph Lundgren on an alien hunt through space and time, Kryptone and the legion of Bom Shanka decided to release the lost files for you psychedelic freaks as a free download. As the sauce files were lost, they are not 100% cooked and probably some extra time in the oven would have been best, but we thought it would be better to give you all a copy and decide for yourselves.
The Corndog Special
Polkadot Princess Pony
Garbage Accelerator (Kryptone remix)
Pancake Presumptions
Crystal Density
Cheesecake Suspicions