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Kagura is a Japanese shamanic dance done by the Miko; these women go deep into trance and bring back the messages of the gods. From these ecstatic states this Kagura message incarnates the fun and happiness Yan felt during his last Japan tour, where he could see & feel a great positive energy on each dance floor where he played, from Tokyo or Nagoya clubs to outdoor party in Kobe & Osaka, he came back very inspired to create this album.

Dirty Saffi

High grade psychedelic dance music.
 Dirty Saffi is the hardest working couple in trance-land, both are dedicated to making and promoting high quality psychedelic dance music.


Bom Shanka Music is super proud to announce Dirty Saffi's 3rd album 'Subculture'.

Daws of Perception (Dirty Saffi remix)
We Are In The Shadows (Dirty Saffi remix)
Press Twice
Cosmic Trigger