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The Rave Militia

Introducing the debut EP from new scottish powerhouse 'Cronyx' 4 tracks, including one remix of shanka legends Dirty Saffi, one versus with label mate Quadrant and two solo tracks.

Absolutely fresh and exciting new music from one of the stars of the next generation of the psychedelic scene.

We are all expecting great things to come from Johnny Cronyx, his style already shines through, truly positive high energy music that fits into the Bom Shanka roster seamlessly.

So put your helmet on, and enroll into the Cronyx school of militant raving.

Enter the Dragon
Little Greys

God Save The Scene

The world needs help.
Our culture is being destroyed.
This isn't some accident, this is a deliberate ploy to remove the conscious thought of art, music and play.
Do not think for a moment it is anything less.
WE NEED A REVOLUTION. We need to save the scene...

Mastered by DeepBeat Audio

Toad in the Hole


'Cronyx' is the psytrance project of Johnny Carson, which has found its way out into the world from the dark murky forests of Scotland!

Johnny has been active in the Psytrance scene from a young age and started off playing sets and putting on parties, which later grew into co-creating ‘SubSector’ club nights, co-managing the legendary ‘Voltan’ Psytrance Stage at Eden Festival and playing at parties from the shores of Goa to the bush of Australia!