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Breaking News

When lockdown hit Europe in Spring 2020 we decided to make some tracks available for remixing in the hope that some friends of the label will have something to take their minds off the impending apocalypse.

We thought we might get a track that we can put onto the next Bom Shanka comp. We were sent over 70 remixes.

From that we condensed it down to 17 tracks.  All with the classic Shanka style, but all made by fresh new artists from around the globe.

We really are breaking news!

Mastering by DeepBeat Audio

Vira Lata (SpaceFlux remix)
Vira Lata (Frostbite remix)

Self Oscillation

Self Oscillation is the new three track chunk of psychedelia from Chris Rich. As if 2020 wasn’t already weird enough, Chris has crafted three hooning tracks, to keep you oscillating, rather than isolating. Each track on the release has its own flavour, whilst always keeping the energy pumping, perfect for dance floors anywhere in the universe.

Mixed and Mastered by Al @ Shanka Sounds Mastering

These are New Demons
Self Oscillation

Every Last Drop

Bom Shanka Music are super stoked to announce the release of the most oversize compilation ever made!
We asked all the artists on the label to squeeze every last drop of inspiration, distilled and bottled into one highly psychoactive unit - 19 massive tracks from label stalwarts to fresh hot talent.
This compilation has fermented into a giant psychedelic fondue of high grade, futuristic dance music - better than ever.
Bom Shanka provides you with the tools to navigate through dimensions, one drop at a time.

Vira Lata

Chris Rich

Chris has been working with electronic music since 2005, and has been stuck on psychedelic music since an early age.

In 2007 he started DJing Psytrance and began playing at nights around the South West of England.

Feeling like there was a lack of the type of sound he wanted, and on a mission to find sounds to move dancefloors, fields and forests alike, Chris decided to begin moulding and warping his own Psychedelic trance music at the start of 2008.

In 2011 Chris signed to Bom Shanka Music, and brings a blend of uplifting psy, with a dark, wobbly edge...