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Ideomotor Effect

The Ideomotor Effect, most commonly used in reference to the process whereby a thought or mental image brings about a seemingly "reflexive" or automatic muscular reaction, potentially outside of the awareness of the subject. Well, this is exactly what the Braingineers debut E.P is doing with you. Without even noticing, you start to dance and you just cant help it. It's the Ideomotor Effect!

Ideomotor Effect

Every Last Drop

Bom Shanka Music are super stoked to announce the release of the most oversize compilation ever made!
We asked all the artists on the label to squeeze every last drop of inspiration, distilled and bottled into one highly psychoactive unit - 19 massive tracks from label stalwarts to fresh hot talent.
This compilation has fermented into a giant psychedelic fondue of high grade, futuristic dance music - better than ever.
Bom Shanka provides you with the tools to navigate through dimensions, one drop at a time.

Mentally Ill


Guess this whole story began some years ago, somewhere on a Swiss dancefloor, when two young psychedelic enthusiasts met. It would take some years until they finally put their arses in a studio together, but it would happen. And it would be a good thing.

DJs, Event Organisers and good mates Fabio and David had shared the same passion and dream for a long time … Produce their own music and blast dancefloors around the globe (yep, its not flat).