bom shanka music

No More Milking It

Psymmetrix return with their 3rd studio album "No more milking it", ever full of surpirises these two psychonauts have gone beyond the call of duty to provide you with a stunning new disc of outstanding work, utilising their continued experience of international events to bring 8 fully dancefloor tested psychedelic trance tracks that will certainly result in people losing the plot.

Look at me


Bom Shanka Music are proud to present their 9th release, a collection of 11 (yes eleven!) full length and original killer dance floor tunes, elevating the label with next level high energy beats that invigorate the soul and blow your mind.

This compilation features the cream of Bom Shanka artists including Dirty Saffi, Illegal Machines, Synthetik Chaos, Rev, Psymmetrix, Bombax, Satya, Big Scary Monsters and Chris Rich.

Big Scary Monsters

Big Scary Monsters was born when a Dirty monster, a Silly monster and an Illegal monster met in a cave, lost on the mountain where Raël freak out (because they were too psychedelic and he couldn't handle the monsters, nothing to do with aliens). Soon it was discovered that they got a pair of hands and a brain (each of them) and went to Psymmetrix and Illegal Machines Studios and started to twist some knobs with their hands and use their brains to make killer blablablas...