bom shanka music


Roll up roll up! and welcome back to the roller coaster of life. It's got thrills and spills, it's got deals and wheels, it's the all new, world breaking, ground shaking, all star cast, original music from the world's most psychedelic music label.

We've been with you through the highs and the lows, sat in the roller coaster carriage right next to you as we fly through the amusement park of life. We've stopped for mandy-floss, we've done bumps on the dodgers and lines on the ferris wheel! But we have never made a roller coaster album.

From whence they came

Act One

Act One is the solo project of Jack Allsopp. Hailing from the UK, he studied music since the age of 5 and quickly it became his life’s passion. His first introduction was through the UK drum and bass scene which he eagerly became involved with. He taught himself how to produce and soon got releases on many labels and tracks played by some of the biggest DJs on the scene before he was 18. In 2011 he discovered psytrance at the legendary Glade festival and never looked back.