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Thought Police

Track List:

Thought Police

Dr Psy (Dirty Saffi & Synthetik Chaos remix)


SnM, Geomatrix, Asimilon

Catalogue Number: 
Release Date: 
Friday, 31 March, 2017

Bom Shanka Music is super happy to announce the second EP from South African maestro 'Telepathy'. Featuring one solo track, one versus with stable mate Illegal Machines and a complex double remix from Dirty Saffi and Synthetik Chaos, these 3 tracks really help to show the direction that William is taking with sharp hypnotic lights mixed with razor beams of sound. 100% Bom Shanka through and through, Thought Police will get inside your brain. We know what your thinking and we agree, Telepathy and Bom Shanka music have done it again!