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Lab Creatures
Track list
Desert Boogie
Cacti Circus
Mascal in the brain
Fright Night
Everything is chaos
I'm Freaking OUT!
New Dawn art & design
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Friday, 17th of February, 2023

Mascalito is back with his debut album on Bom Shanka, featuring a greenhouse full of psychedelic people and plants that live and grow together on the sunny side of Shanka. We have been adding extra nitrates to these guys and the gentle structures that they have grown and built up have made this... a brand new, truly unique and fantastic debut album.
Alon has built his reputation as a musician that can think outside of the grow bag and with the addition of some of the most psychedelic artists on the scene he has built a Jack and The Beanstalk of an album that touches the sky and has roots made of oak trees.
So jump onto the dancefloor and shake your fractal cactus into this, a pure Shanka album of the unique sounds of Alon and friends...

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