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Doing Lines

Track List:

The Most Bizarre Aspect (Tristan Remix)

Which one was it? (Tweakers Remix)

Ami San Kho (Dickster Remix)

Drummer (Big Scary Monsters Remix)


Nostrils Damn Us

The Monster Party

Human Technology

Simple Energy

Judgement Night (Module Virus Remix)


Mike Pixael

Catalogue Number: 
Release Date: 
Friday, 17 January, 2014
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Bom Shanka are proud to release their 8th compilation and the 3rd from label co-founder Dj S.T.U. 'Doing Lines' contains brand new tracks from Dirty Saffi, Chris Rich, Illegal Machines, Stereographic and Psymmetrix vs Southwild as well as some trully outstanding remixes. Tristan remixes Parasense vs Asimilon and Dick Trevor remixes the Parasense Bom Shanka classic 'Ami San Kho'. The Big Scary Monsters, dance floor favourite, remix of Konflux Drummer, Tweakers remix of the Tron and S.T.U collaboration 'Which One Was It?' and the Module Virus remix of Pantomiman 'Judgement Night' all make this a compilation not to be missed.

Guaranteed to rock any dance floor 'Doing Lines' is a must buy and always remember: 'I must not download illegally'!