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Psymmetrix & Other Animals
Track list
Liberation (Psymmetrix remix)
The Tadpole (Tron remix)
Burn in Nose
Still Feeling the FX
Mutant Psychedelic
State your Conciousness (Dirty Saffi remix)
Why are you playing with me?
Adenoïde (Psymmetrix remix)
Kelvin Groove
Crack Pipes & Bongs (Konflux remix)
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Friday, 17th of July, 2009
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In the last six months Psymmetrix have wobbled up a fully blasting album with some of their psy-trance chums...

Direct from their genetically modified sound farm they have used their continued experience of dance floors across 4 continents to bring you a wide range of super killers!

Featuring original tracks with Ajja from Peak, The Doof legend Rev, our serious new talents Satya and Spyrallus plus a brand new Psymmetrix blaster.

Also on the menu are Psymmetrix remixes of the trance classics Liberation by the world famous Parasense & Samadhi and also Adenoide by France's master blaster Illegal Machines... and if all that wasn't enough two of Psymmetrix greatest hits have been remixed...

The Tadpole by the production genius Tron and the dance floor classic Crack Pipes & Bongs gets Konfluxed. This tasty DJ friendly selection will be guaranteed to set alight any dance floor light or dark...

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