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15 Years of Bom Shanka
Track list
Amongst the myriad stars
Rage against the humans
The tipsy queen
The train
The meaning of life
Tribe of Geometry
Come up king
Picalai Jow
Poor soul
Large Salad Dressing ('22 mix)
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Release Date: 
Friday, 4th of November, 2022

15 tracks in WAVs or FLACs
For 15 years of work off our backs
For 15 songs to be mixed in one
Beloved psy trance goes on and on
We won't stop releasing music
If you don't stop believing in it
15 years of non-stop Shanking
It's better than unreleased studio wanking
We want to push the vibration up
We aim for peace with the dancefloor dustup
15 years of Bom Shanka
We’ve got more power than Street Fighter’s Blanka

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