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Mascalito Q & A

Bom Shanka Music caught up with Alon the mastermind behind Mascalito project and asked him some questions about his EP.

Really nice groove on track 1 – ‘Junk It’. I can hear a lot of old school, garage electronica & big beat influences molded into a faster dance adventure. Some interesting sounds! What kind of music were you into back in the day, that influenced you to start making the kinda stuff you are now?

Well , back In the days I was listening to a lot of night full on music, Eskimo, Azax, Manifold. As well as more Suomi music like Talpa’s first albums. Also psychedelic rock always been a part of my journey, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Earthless etc… After that period while I was doing some psychedelics and traveling in festivals I fell in love with Forest music, Hallucinogenic horses, Derango... that style. And Honestly now I’m just going with my muse, trying to make my own style that combines motives from the good old night full on, with forest vibes and funky and even sometimes colorful movements, I’m really trying not to define myself more then night music. It can be a wide range of styles, and each set will be different depending on the dancefloor, place, and crowd.

Daddy Issues – nice name. My personal favourite. Nice intro, very fun... & overall the tracks got some vivid colors to it. Very nice production – sounds like classic British psy-trance, mixed with a touch of the label’s signature sound. Would love to see you work with Synthetik Chaos. Any plans of collaborating with anyone on the label?  Which artist would be your preference?

Actually I’ve got a lot of projects I need to close so for now I’m not thinking about starting new ones. Anyway I would love to collaborate with Synthetik Chaos and actually with every Shanka Artist along the way, I love the label and its Artists style.  I hope that in the upcoming year I will start few Shanka collabs, that will be a banger!

Bed Bugs was an excellent one. Classic Bomshanka bassline, perfect start.. perfect groove, and the riffs throughout the track including all detailing was super. Crisp, clear & thoughtful sound design. What are you looking to personally benefit from psy music and culture in 2022?  How do you see these things evolving in the next decade?

Well, For 2022 I hope to go back for another tour or two in Brazil, also visiting Europe for events. My mindset in music production is first to enjoy the time in the studio, do dig deep into the music production and have good times in the studio. Also collabing with friends in the studio is always a lot of fun so I hope to have some more of that in that next year... virtual ping pong collabs which you send stems to each other (happens when artists are not from the same countries) is also fun, but its not the same as being together in the studio. In the next decade, Actually it’s a tough question. A decade is a long time, I will just continue chasing my dreams and work on my art, whatever will happen I will be happy. Also once a week, I’m working with my good friend Shesha on new music, and I really hope we will manage to release an album together one day (maybe this year….maybe not)

Lastly, how is going with the other project Wako-Delic? Haven’t explored much of hitek music personally to be honest. Could you maybe explain your general approach toward music, what drives it & how you benefit from it and what the entire process means to you? What are you looking to express through your music?

Well about Wako-Delic, Actually WakoDelic is a Full-on kinda of Soumi and Fusion trance, with WakoDelic me and my partner Daniel started 12 years ago, we have great work flow together and understanding each other like a married couple. We had some good times and also a big break with the music between the years 2014-2017 that has stopped our recognition which was pretty hard to recover. We are looking to keep doing some fresh and funky music. We also have another project under the name WakoManiacs, which is a Hitech – Soumi project. When we want to spice things up we works on that project as well! We are always looking to express a different experience in the dancefloor, colorful sounds, funky rhythms with straight forward energy that makes the dancefloor go wild.