All aboard the frogadelic starship for another voyage of psychedelic exuberance through time and space!

£5 early bird etickets on sale from 7pm Friday 2nd March.

Saturday 31st March - 10pm-7am
Lakota, 6 Upper York Street, Bristol, BS2 8QN

★ Deck 1: Psytrance ★
Dirty Saffi • Bom Shanka Music

Alta • Zero1 Music

NEO • Neill Moore / NEO live

Dj Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe • psilocybe tribe

Psychosonic • tribe of frog - timegate
Pieman • tribe of frog - bom shanka music
Dr.G • tribe of frog

★ Deck 2: Techno - Tech-House ★
Ric Featherstone • Tongue and Groove - NANO RECORDS

Purple Nine • Codesouth.FM

Ade E Hd • Om Bongo

Geo • tribe of frog - 4d audio
Natzan • tribe of frog
Hemp • tribe of frog

★ Deck 3: Hosted by Brain Drill Records.- Hi-tech - PsyCore ★
Apollyon • Freak Records

N.vader • brain drill records

Allycat. • brain drill records

Cybernetic Ghost vs Quantum Flux - Brain Drill • brain drill records

F'da F'da • tribe of frog

★ Deck 4: The Time Machine Meets The Multiverse ★
STEVE OOOD • OOOD - Phantasm Records

Kickback • Bodstock - fantazia

DJ TWISTED • absolute oldskool - fantazia

D.J.Paul Edwards • heresy - ripsnorter

DJ Pod • tribe of frog - Ripsnorter

• Lasers by Aztec laser and PA hire. •
• 4 Ultra-Immersive Ultra-Violet Frogadelic Party Environments • Space-themed Main Room •
• Multi Laser & Light Shows • "imps" Dancers • UV Body Painting • Large Outdoor Area •
• Fire Pit • Sci-Fi/Space Themed Fancy Dress Theme! •
• Tribe of Frog promotes a positive atmosphere and a safe, friendly and drug-free environment •

LAST ENTRY 2am - 18+

31st of March, 2018 - 1st of April, 2018
31st of March, 2018 - 1st of April, 2018
2018’s Ascension is the fifth edition of Spirit Tribe’s electronic music and arts festival in Yunnan, China. An unprecedented international line up on three stages – three days and nights of Psytrance on the Dance Meadow, an eclectic range of electronic music including House, Nu Disco, Techno, Minimal and Bass at Raver’s Ravine and the Aural Oasis, a dedicated stage for Chill Out and Acoustic music.

Every year the Spirit Tribe valley is turned into one prodigious living and breathing art space.

The theme each year revolves around the festivals name - for 2018 that is “Ascension”. The act or process of ascending, rising or increasing to higher levels, values, or degrees

After our Re:Birth in 2017 the 2018 edition of Spirit Tribe sees everyone involved striving to improve and attain the highest possible level of production we can throughout every aspect of the festival. From the artists, DJs, performers involved, right through to the decor, sound systems, food, drinks, camping areas, recycling and much much more.
To embody this mammoth undertaking we have chosen two symbols that we have joined together to express the unique international exchange that takes place during the festival between Chinese eastern culture and the rest of the world.

To symbolize and project our intention of Ascension through a global cultural framework we have chosen to use the triskelion. The triskelion has been used by a great number of cultures all over the world including Maltese, Greek, Mycenaean, Sicilian, Japanese, and Korean. However it is probably most widely associated with Celtic culture. Having been used in a multitude of cultures and over such a long period time, a symbol such as the triskelion will undoubtedly have numerous and diverse meanings. As with any symbol, it’s the intention of the user which really has the power to define it and in turn then use it to manifest that will. For Spirit Tribe V: Ascension we are empowering this symbol with one of the Celtic interpretations that is: personal growth, human development and spiritual expansion.

It is only until we combine our western cultural reference with our Chinese symbolic embodiment that the full intention of Ascension can really be brought to fruition. Probably the most well-known cultural symbol of China, the Dragon can symbolize, greatness, blessing, goodness, power, excellence, perseverance, heroism, boldness, divinity, nobility, optimism, energy, and intelligence. For the purposes of achieving our ascension the dragon will be focusing our energy, optimism and perseverance into allowing us to achieve excellence in growth, development and expansion of Spirit Tribe.

Join us and share your energy along with your intention to help us, the festival and the scene in China to manifest the qualities of these symbols into reality. Embark on a 3 day living and breathing artistic magick spell.

Connect – Experience – Share – Learn!

2018年的“进化”,是灵族在中国云南举办的第五次有关电子音乐和艺术的盛会。本次的特别之处在于其前所未有的国际艺人阵容,现场总共分为三个舞台 - 高岸牧场三天两夜不间断的Psytrance音乐;锐舞山沟包括House, Nu Disco, Techno, Minimal and Bass等其他风格的电子音乐;还有在听觉绿洲的休闲放松。独一无二的装饰、视觉艺术、工作坊、流动表演、装置艺术和更多的美食,将汇集在云南迷人的山谷中等着你。


每年我们都会围绕一个主题开展这个节日 - 2018年将是“进化”。 这标志着行动或过程的升华、价值或程度的提升。



为了通过全球文化框架来象征和展示我们的进化意图,我们选择了使用“三曲腿图”。世界各地的人类,马耳他人、希腊人、迈锡尼人、西西里人、日本人和韩国人,都已经在他们的文明中使用过这种“三曲腿图”符号。这个符号最早可能与凯尔特文化关联更大,但已经在很多不同的文化中使用很长时间的“三曲腿图”这个象征,无疑代表了许多不同的意义。使用者常常用符号来表示、定义他们的意图和展示他们的意志。对于“灵族SpiritTribe :进化”,我们选择更贴近于凯尔特人原本赋予这个象征的意义:个人成长、人类发展和意识扩展。



连接 - 体验 - 分享 - 学习!
5th of April, 2018 - 7th of April, 2018
3rd of May, 2018 - 6th of May, 2018
12th of May, 2018 - 13th of May, 2018
18th of May, 2018 - 20th of May, 2018
28th of June, 2018 - 1st of July, 2018