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Simon Pieman is Label Manager of Broken Records label and core member of the Legendary Tribe of Frog Parties in Bristol. Now also signed to the cutting edge Psy label Bom Shanka, his talents are in full flow. Pieman has been DJ’ing since his inspiration from the early Haadrin and Goa parties in the early 90`s. He is one of the few DJs out there that can genuinely play at any party, at any time of the day or night, without more than a moment’s notice, and still maintain the flow of the music. With a very unique feel, his sets can be described as Maximal PsychedelicTrashPopDiscoFilth with dollops of full fat ice cream and wafers of random audio for good measure. Sublime multi genre sets are his talent and if there is a box he won't be in it! Having played internationally for many years at festivals such as Ozora, Glade, Rainbow Serpent, Voov, and a regular at Boomtown Fair along many, many others. Hyperactive and sideways are a good description of his character! For the future Broken Records is going from strength to strength with its genre defying attitude to music and Tribe of Frog Just celebrated its 15th birthday with a 6 room multi genre party! Morphing and adapting every year with his vision and energy, he is also a truly accomplished Tree Climber and wearer of shorts.

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