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DJ Nuky has been in and around psychedelic trance for many years, A natural DJ she started to mix in 2007  and very quickly gained a huge reputation and following for her super-smooth mixing technique, cultured choice of music and awesome power and energy behind the decks.

She has been one of the core DJs with Bom Shanka since the very beginning and in March 2011 She compiled the 9th release called  "Bloodlines", which is rated as one of the best CDs Bom Shanka have released, and since this time she has played at every major psy festival, from Universal Paralello to Boom and Ozora.

DJ Nuky is an integral part of the Bom Shanka Music machine and now her 3rd comp and Bom Shanka's 18th cd is in the final stages of production.  It features tracks from: Illegal Machines, Synthetik Chaos, Chris Rich, Psymmetrix, Telepathy, Aardvark, Headworks and Dirty Saffi.  It's called 'GOLD' and it will be released near the start of 2016.

Photo credits:
Matthew Cameron-Wilton
S&D Productions