bom shanka music

Since his first rave in 2005 in France, Felix understood he had to take his psychedelic journey in hand and create his own multiverse to reach a dimension of his own. 

So he naturally started by plugging in a few analogue machines in the woods and jumped into the sound design game. Years go by, the means change, from studio to studio, and thanks to an unfailing perseverance he learns to use crazier and crazier tools while trying to push the limits of his own eardrums. 

A few years later, Abiotiq is born. A project set up with all the devotion accumulated over these years of parties and passionate learning. The goal is simple : bring to the psytrance scene a sound that will twist your neurons on the dancefloors. 

To carry on his journey, he turns to the craziest and most demanding label of the psytrance scene, his long time favourite : Bom Shanka!

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